Gloucestershire Fourball Betterball Golf League

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Next Fixture
Sherdons v Minchinhampton Old   Sat 24th Aug 1pm

Division 1 Result
Naunton Downs, Sat 17th Aug
Naunton Downs 62½
Tewkesbury Park 45½
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League Fixtures
Tewkesbury Park v Rodway Hill (L)
Tewkesbury ParkSat Mar 30th 12pm
Tewkesbury Park v Sherdons (L)
Tewkesbury ParkSat Apr 6th 1pm
Naunton Downs v Minchinhampton Old (L)
Naunton DownsSat Apr 6th 1pm
Sherdons v Naunton Downs (L)
SherdonsSat Apr 27th 1pm
Rodway Hill v Minchinhampton Old (L)
Rodway HillSun Apr 28th 1pm
Minchinhampton Old v Tewkesbury Park (L)
Minchinhampton OldSat May 11th 12pm
Naunton Downs v Rodway Hill (L)
Naunton DownsSat May 18th 12.30pm
Sherdons v Rodway Hill (L)
SherdonsSat May 25th 1.30pm
Rodway Hill v Tewkesbury Park (L)
Rodway HillSat Jun 1st 1pm
Tewkesbury Park v Naunton Downs (L)
Tewkesbury ParkSat Jun 8th 1pm
Rodway Hill v Sherdons (L)
Rodway HillSun Jun 23rd 1pm
Naunton Downs v Sherdons (L)
Naunton DownsSat Jul 6th 1pm
Rodway Hill v Naunton Downs (L)
Rodway HillSun Jul 14th 1pm
Minchinhampton Old v Sherdons (L)
Minchinhampton OldSat Jul 20th 1pm
Sherdons v Tewkesbury Park (L)
SherdonsSat Jul 27th 1pm
Minchinhampton Old v Naunton Downs (L)
Minchinhampton OldSat Jul 27th 1pm
Tewkesbury Park v Minchinhampton Old (L)
Tewkesbury ParkSat Aug 3rd 12pm
Naunton Downs v Tewkesbury Park (L)
Naunton DownsSat Aug 17th 1pm
Minchinhampton Old v Rodway Hill (L)
Minchinhampton OldSat Aug 17th 1pm
Sherdons v Minchinhampton Old (L)
SherdonsSat Aug 24th 1pm

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